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7Hills STudio Concept

We offer concepting and planning services for your custom tailered in-house studio. We will acompany our clients from initial ideas and wishes to a completed, fully functional video studio capable of handling product presentations, interviews and live streams.

Magic Arm Ball Long

Price: 79,- € netto

Magic Arm Ball Small

Price: 39,- € netto

Magic Arm Small

Price: 29,- € netto

SDI Cable "Black Sleeve" - 75cm

Price: 18,- € netto

D-Tap 3 way Splitter

Price: 19,- € netto

D-Tap 4 Way Splitter

Price: 25,- € netto

7Hills Cable Service

We offer customized cable builds for your specific needs:
SDI (UHD capable)
XLR 3-& 5-pin
Prices on request! -